Dreamy Proposals: Imaginative Ways to Pop the Question

So you’ve decided you want to propose! That is so exciting! That being said you’re not sure where to even begin. Well first, I’m going to tell you a little about how my husband proposed to me and then I’ll give you a couple ideas.

We went on a double date to Applebee’s and were going to see Thor afterwards. Dinner was going like normal and we were all having a great time and then the check came. My husband reached into his pocket and I was expecting him to pull out his card and he put the ring box on the table and slid it in front of me and said, “Here. Will you?” Obviously, because he’s my husband now, I said yes. But wow, how ridiculous was that proposal. Haha! But that being said I still love our engagement story because it’s different and fun to tell in group settings because it always gets a great laugh. It’s so how he is, he’s never been one for grand gestures and I’m okay with that. I have a tendency to turn a brilliant shade of red when I’m the center of attention so it really fit.

The moral of the story is, if they really love you and see themselves moving on to the next step, they’re going to say yes, no matter how you pop the question.

Okay, so now we are going to get into some ideas to get your creative juices pumping:

Propose with your pet

Dogs are such a huge part of peoples lives here in Colorado Springs. It’s only natural that we’d want to involve our fur babies in our family milestones. Here are a few ways to get your fur baby involved:

  • Tie a sign on their collar asking your special person to marry you.
  • Get family portraits with your fur babies and ask the question during the portraits.
  • Take your significant other and fur baby on a walk and when you get to a special location propose.

Propose under the stars

There is something special about the stars at night, maybe it’s just me but I think star gazing with my husband is absolutely romantic.

  • Visit a planetarium, see if you can book a private viewing and have wine and dinner there as well.
  • Go for a late night picnic, pack a basket with a blanket you can lay on, a bottle of wine, and some sweet dessert, like chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Set up a fancy dinner in your back yard, string up some twinkly fairy lights, pillow seats, a small table, and some romantic music.

Propose in the setting of nature

This one is for you if your soulmate loves nature but keep in mind there are different ways to accomplish this depending on how adventurous they are. For example, if they love going hiking on beaten paths and not going off trail keep that in mind before taking them on a hike off path.

  • Visit a national park with hiking trails
  • Take a walk around a lake
  • Go on a hike up a mountain

Please note: It’s important to keep yourself safe so if you do go on a hike make sure you are prepared with any equipment you may need.

There are so many ways to propose, these are only a few. At the end of the day the best way to propose is something that honors both you and your significant other’s personality. Don’t do something that isn’t true to who you are.