Hi there! I'm Carol.

I'm a passionate photographer. My love for photography started when I was young, playing photographer with the neighbor kids in a makeshift studio in the garage using left over film in disposable cameras from vacations.

With time, I honed my skills through classes in high school and college. Since then, I have continued to capture life's precious moments. When my daughter was born in 2019 I purchased my first DSLR camera. In 2020, I started my portrait photography career in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Fast forward to 2023, our small family decided to move away from Texas to provide a better life, full of opportunities for our daughter. Colorado was the obvious choice because the education system is so much better than Texas and I have two brothers that live in Denver.

On our first trip to shop for a place to call our own we stayed in Manitou Springs. We initially thought Denver would be it for us but the stay in Manitou Springs changed our minds. The beauty of being so close to the mountains was awe-inspiring, and I still remember the first magical moment of playing in the snow with my family.

Now, I wake up every morning to the breathtaking mountainscape and feel inspried to blend nature with photography. Pinch me because there's no way this is reality.