Behind the Petals: An Interview with Elizabeth Rose Florals

Welcome to the latest blog post! I'm really excited about this one! I was recently honored to work with Elizabeth on a styled shoot and got to see her talents firsthand. I just knew that I had to feature Elizabeth, the incredibly talented florist behind Elizabeth Rose Florals.  But, before I did, I knew I had to work with her again so we put together a shoot to showcase both her and one of her beautiful arrangements!

Well the day is here! I'm thrilled to share an exclusive interview with Elizabeth, diving into her journey, her unique approach to floral design, and what truly sets her services apart as a florist.

Working with other creatives is so much fun! It truly was a collaborative effort to bring you both this blog and all the images in it. It's our hopes that this will provide you with a new perspective and ideas you may not have considered prior to reading.

If you're looking for a florist, I highly recommend reaching out to Elizabeth and at the least having a dialog with her to see if she'd be able to help you out. She's so friendly and knowledgable and a conversation is totally worth your time!

Elizabeth, what initially drew you to the floral design profession?

I spent eight years working in analytics in corporate high tech and then in academia. While these jobs offered some nice perks, I wanted a career where I could work more directly with people and combine my passion for gardening.

The main things that drew me to pursuing a career in floral design were memories of growing up with my mother’s stunning garden designs, my own love of gardening and my innate ability to become completely immersed in the creative pursuit of the perfect design. Aside from the people in my life, my passion lies in going through the process of fusing the perfect combination of flowers that embody the couple’s vision.

What sets your floral design services apart from others in the industry?

My personal style, which I speak to in more detail below, is what sets me apart from others. My job is to listen to what a client is seeking and then communicate a story and unique vision through florals. I have a Masters of Arts in Counseling which helped me fine tune my listening skills.

I gather lots of information about the celebration and I create the vision that reflects and enhances that vibe through the use of color, shape, texture, and form. Some events call for soft, muted tones while others demand a parade of vibrant, standout color. I’ve done both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

Can you walk me through your process when working with clients to understand their vision and preferences for floral arrangements?

I enjoy working with couples no matter where they are in their wedding planning and floral design journey. One of the first areas we explore during a free, no commitment consultation call is the couple’s overall vision for their wedding. I ask for any words that come to mind when describing their ultimate end goal. If they have descriptive words,

that’s great. If not, that’s completely fine too and I approach the topic in smaller pieces, like exploring potential color schemes.

Also, a picture provided by either party is worth a thousand words! One person’s version of dusty blue can be very different from another person’s version of dusty blue. Florals set the tone of events and as a florist, I clarify and hone in on the exact style the couple is looking for.

After we discuss overall vision and style, I create an inspiration board and send it to the client for feedback. After a client decides to move forward and signs on, we finalize the details to ensure a beautiful outcome!

How do you stay up to date on current trends and techniques in floral design?

I live and breathe flowers! I wake up everyday excited to read about new varieties and new designs. I stay up to date on current trends and techniques through taking design courses and reading about current trends in the industry. That being said, 2024 is the year of personalization which I love. My entire business is about creating personalized designs.

I keep up with all wedding related trends. For example, this year, we are seeing a lot of blue floral print bridesmaid dresses. When talking with my clients, I ask about their bridesmaid dress vision so that I can coordinate the florals to be harmonious with this aspect of the wedding. Floral design is all about perfecting details that enhance the larger picture.

How do you ensure that the flowers you use are fresh and high quality?

That’s a great question! I source my flowers from multiple wholesalers which gives me access to thousands of flowers that are not accessible to the public. With my extensive background in gardening, I can quickly identify blossoms that have seen better days and find what I need from different wholesalers. At checkout, my representative and I go through each flower one last time to make sure they are in tip top shape.

Can you provide examples of how you’ve incorporated unique or unconventional elements into your floral designs?

I love incorporating new, unique florals that provide lots of texture and movement into arrangements. I’ve used berries, small fruits, tropical and other exotic flowers that are not typically seen in bouquets. I’ve also used disco balls for a 70s themed event and floret shaped succulents. Depending on the time of year and plant, some succulents can be taken from the bouquet and easily propagated to give the couple a growing memory of their special day. The possibilities for unique approaches are endless.

How do you handle unexpected issues or changes that arise during the design or implementation process?

Weddings are joyous celebrations and everyone, vendors included, has a responsibility to keep that upbeat vibe afloat for the happy couple. Patience, professionalism and adaptability are key to being a successful florist. Even with the best laid plans, life happens. It’s how you handle these trials and tribulations that matters. One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst and unsurprised by anything in between''. When the unexpected presents, I figure out how to resolve the issue behind the scenes. After the event goes smoothly, I debrief and see if there are any changes I can make going forward to help mitigate the chances of something similar happening again.

Do you take into consideration the different seasons when creating floral arrangements? If so, can you elaborate on how?

Absolutely! Locally grown and seasonal flowers are more sustainable and also remind the couple of their special day on an annual basis when they are in bloom.

Do you have a memorable experience you’d like to share?

Any memory of sharing in a client's and partners joy is so fulfilling. For example, I received the sweetest note from a bride the morning after her wedding . I often hear from the bride post wedding but I was so touched that she contacted me the day after about how the florals “exceeded her expectations” and were “absolutely glorious”. The kind note brought tears to my eyes! I also love when brides send me photos of their

bouquet preservations. I don’t think clients realize how much these small notes and actions mean to vendors who work so hard to make the day so special and memorable! Another fond memory was when I was setting up for a wedding and I witnessed the bride holding her bridal bouquet close while she did a first look with her father. Florals enhance moments that will be cherished and engrained in our memories forever!

Do you have any advice for couples looking for a florist?

My advice for partners embarking on this journey is to look for a florist whose artistry you appreciate and whose personality is a good fit. Listen to how they converse with you during a consultation call and what kind of questions they ask. You are entering into a partnership so you want to make sure you select someone who can bring your vision to life, who you enjoy working with, and who is responsive and reliable.

Want to learn more about Elizabeth?

You can reach Elizabeth by email at, check out her portfolio on instagram @elizabethroseflorals or check out her website at